Environmental/Geotechnical Drilling

Green-Zone Environmental started drilling in 2018 and has quickly grown to be a dependable service provider in northern Alberta and British Columbia. Our capabilities include environmental drilling, monitoring well installation, shelby tube sampling and SPT hammering making our services an ideal option for Phase II and Geotechnical Sites.

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Marl Technologies M5 Geotechnical Drill

Mounted on a 2006 Bombardier Muskeg carrier this geotechnical drill can handle both environmental and geotechnical drilling. Being on a track rig it has capabilities to handle challenging ground conditions. 

Tooling & Features

  • 22,000 lbs (3.3 PSI)

  • 4" and 6" solid stem augers

  • 4.25" hollow stem augers

  • Shelby tube sampling

  • SPT Hammer

  • 20' mast

  • 30M (100ft) Drilling Capability

 Mobile Drills B-29 Geotechnical Drills

Our B-29 Drill is mounted on a 2018 AT-50HD carrier. With 15" of Stroke this drill makes quick work of soil sampling while still having geotechnical capabilities. Being on a tracked rig it can handle challenging ground conditions and access remote locations.

Tooling & Features​

  • 4" and 6" solid stem augers

  • 15' stroke

  • Shelby Tube Sampling

  • SPT Hammer

  • 20M (65ft) Drilling Capability

C-45LGP Environmental Drill

Our C-45LGP (Low Ground Pressure) Drill is mounted on a 2013 AT-50HD carrier and is a great option for remote access drilling. 

Tooling & Features

  • 16,310 lbs (2.7 PSI)

  • 4" and 6" solid stem augers

  • 13' stroke

  • Shelby Tube Sampling

  • 15M (50ft) Drilling Capability

Green-Zone Environmental

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