Environmental/Geotechnical Drilling

Green-Zone Environmental started drilling in 2018 and has quickly grown to be a dependable service provider in northern Alberta and British Columbia. Our capabilities include environmental drilling, monitoring well installation, shelby tube sampling, SPT hammering and heli-portable drilling making our services an ideal option for Phase II and Geotechnical Sites.


 Mobile Drills B-29 Geotechnical Drill

Geotechnical Drill Demo

Our B-29 Drill is mounted on a 2018 AT-50HD carrier. With 15" of Stroke this drill makes quick work of soil sampling while still having geotechnical capabilities. Being on a tracked rig it can handle challenging ground conditions and access remote locations.

Tooling & Features​

  • Solid Stem and Hollow Stem Capabilities

  • 15' stroke

  • 2 winch lines

  • Shelby Tube Sampling

  • SPT Hammer

  • 20M (65ft) Drilling Capability

CME 75 Geotechnical Drill

Mounted on a Morooka 1500 carrier this geotechnical drill is capable of air rotary, mud rotary and coring. Perfect for big geotechnical projects and deep holes

Tooling & Features​

  • Solid Stem and Hollow Stem Capabilities

  • Monyo Pump

  • SPT Hammer

  • 26' mast

  • Onboard Water Tank

  • 3 winch lines and wireline

Marl Technologies M5 Drill

Mounted on a 2006 Bombardier Muskeg carrier this geotechnical drill can handle both environmental and geotechnical drilling. Being on a track rig it has capabilities to handle challenging ground conditions. 

Tooling & Features

  • 21,000 lbs (3.3 PSI Track Pressure)

  • Solid Stem and Hollow Stem Capabilities

  • Shelby tube sampling

  • 20' mast

  • 25M (80ft) Drilling Capability

  • 2 winch lines

C-45LGP Environmental Drill

Our C-45LGP (Low Ground Pressure) Drill is mounted on a Bombardier Muskeg carrier and is a great option for remote access drilling. 

Tooling & Features​

  • 6" solid stem augers

  • 13' stroke

  • Shelby Tube Sampling

  • 15M (50ft) Drilling Capability

Heli-Portable Drill

Our Heli-Portable Drill is attached to a small ride on track loader and its high torque rotary allows for drilling up to 6 meters.

Tooling & Features

  • 650lb drill, 2400lb skid steer

  • 4" and 6" solid stem augers

  • 6M (20ft) Drilling Capability

  • Can be slung by a variety of helicopters


Green-Zone Environmental

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