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Remote Access

For Rent or Hire

Our equipment can help you get your crews, gear and equipment where they need to go. All pieces of equipment are fitted with espar heaters for winter operation and can be outfitted with a variety of equipment including personnel carriers, pickers and water tanks to help accommodate your project needs.  

AllTrack AT-50HD

The AllTrack AT-50HD is a multi-function tracked rig suitable to perform tasks in any kind of terrain. Available 3300lb Max Lift picker (Picture 1) and 8 person carrier (Picture 2) as well as a heated water tank.

Weight: 8,500lbs

Payload: 5,000lbs

Engine: 130Hp Isuzu 4JJ1 

Unloaded Ground Pressure: 2.0PSI

Muskeg HY

2 Available 

The Muskeg HY is a powerful, high payload track machine making it ideal for larger load through any terrain. With front mounted basket and winch the Muskeg HY is a versatile track machine.

Weight: 12,000lbs

Payload: 10,000lbs

Engine: 152Hp 6Bt 5.9L Cummins

Unloaded Ground Pressure: 1.9PSI

Morooka MST-700

The Komatsu Morooka MST-700 is a full rubber track machine with a powerful dump box and great payload capacity. With low PSI and great ground clearance it is a capable machine in all ground conditions.

Weight: 11,500lbs

Payload: 7000lbs

Engine: 87Hp Komatsu S4D95L-1

Unloaded Ground Pressure: 1.7PSI

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